Violet Box May Unboxing

Since I joined up with Beauty Review I have been thrown into a rather awesome world of cosmetics and skin care.  Some of my new favourite things are subscription boxes.  Today I received my second Violet Box.  Violet Box became available in New Zealand last month after being available in Australia for awhile.

So as my first beauty related blog post I thought I would do an ‘unboxing’.  I’m not keen to get on youtube, but happy to write about it hehe.  You’re going to have to excuse my photos though – they’re off my phone as my camera isn’t charged. 

So! Violet Box is $25 and then postage is $4.50.  The box comes in the normal post.  It is wrapped in cardboard and then you open that to reveal…


It’s a cute wee box.  I’m using my first one to store my perfumes samples in (that’s another post!) Will have to find a use for this one.  Can’t let it go to waste!   Inside the box is a card with all the information about the products that are in the box, and a sneak peek for next month – which looks great.

The first product on the list is the CK One Gloss Eyecolour – RRP $26.50.
I think this is a sample size.  It LOOKS like a full size product, but next to the price it says the full size is 170g and the one we received is only 4g.  
On the card it says its a soft sheen, transparent colour gloss pencil that is infinitely blendable, multitasking, spontaneous colour. 

This is the one I received…



I tried it as an eyeliner, but I don’t think it’s something that I would normally wear.  I do however LOVE it as a lip colour.  It’s an orangey/coral. I don’t have a colour like that – so now I might be on the lookout for one because I quite like it.  (I tried to swatch it on my hand, but I couldn’t get the lighting right to show it properly sorry!)

The second product on the list is Argania Hair Oil RRP $37 for 100ml.
In the box is a sample size of 5ml.  I’m really excited to try this out as my hair has been quite damaged after I found nits in my sons hair and decided to treat myself too.  Awful stuff.
The card states that Argania for hair is made with certified organic Moroccan Argan oil specifically formulated to be rich in vitamins and antioxidants.
This is the cute little sample…



Will test this out and get back to you on how it goes!

The third product on the list is
Lash Control Clear Coat Mascara and Brow Fix RRP $26.00
This is a full sized product, and one of the ones that they used as a sneak peek.  It’s a bit surprising that this was one of the sneak peeks as it’s the best thing in the pack.  
The card says Brought to you from NYX Lash Control Clear Coat Mascara and Brow Fix (a.k.a. “Clear Squeeze”) uses Clear coat formula for taming wayward brows, minus the “wet” look.  Plus, it’s the perfect top coat to layer over your black mascara and seal in the pigment.
I have already tried it as a brow fix this evening.  It worked OK.  I had some wayward hairs sticking up and it pinned them down at first, but it wasn’t long before they were away again.  I did like how it dried though – didn’t look like I had just smeared gel on my brows!
I’m not really sure if the ‘squeeze’ thing is that exciting, time will tell I suppose. 
Here is the Lash Control Clear Coat Mascara and Brow Fix…



Next on the list is NS-5 Cuticle and Nail Complex RRP $10.00
This is a full size.  I’m actually really stoked about this one.  My cuticles and nails in general need some attention.
The card says Rich emollient formula absorbs quickly to nourish and restores dry, ragged cuticles, hangnails and split fingers.  Silica helps strengthen nails, hydrolysed keratin restores elasticity, and prevents nails from flaking and breaking.
I tried it out this afternoon.  The tube is great – just lets out a little bit of product at a time.  It has a nice gentle smell.  The product feels really smooth and moisturising.
This is the product…


The next thing in the box was an option between two masks.  I received the
Timeless Truth Q10 Stem Cell Extract Mask RRP $6.00
I’m really enjoying usings masks at the moment, so this is awesome.  It’s one of those cloth like ones that sits on your face, they look a bit special, but I’m excited to try it out still.
The card says Reduce fine lines, skin tightening and help with pigmentation.  The mask is hassle free, ready to use and gives you immediate results.
Sounds good to me!!
Here’s the product…



And finally the last item is Adorn osmetics Eye Create Intensive Shadow, Shade and Eye Create Matte Shadow 1.5g $15.00
The card says its Natural, Non-Toxix, Organic, Australian.  For women on the go conscious of a cleaner and greener lifestyle.
I got Golden Quartz.  I’m not great with loose powders, I make a terrible mess, but still looking forward to having a play with this.  




And that was the final product.  All up I think I enjoyed last months box best, but this one is great too.  Definitely well worth the money.
I can’t wait for my Memebox Make Up Edition to arrive!

Best go get my beauty Sleep now 😉


Angry Birds Party PART 3

There’s not much left from the party to add actually.  I kept the decorations really simple because the games acted as decorations too.  We hung some little angry bird pictures on curly ribbon in the doorway like a curtain and I stuck some bunting to the table. Oh and the kids coloured in a bunch of pictures and stuck them around the room.


So this was the table.  Simple but cute.  I bought the plates and napkins on sale at Spotlight and just printed the bunting.  There’s some awesome sites which can be found in my pinterest party board.

My favourite part is making the cake.  I’m not the best cake decorator, but I love doing it and I think my kids see that and love the effort that I put in.  This was inspired by a fondant cake I saw, but I prefer working with buttercream.  So I did a mix. 


And lastly – the party bags.  I ordered some cute pencil cases online, but they didn’t arrive in time.  I was so gutted.  So I went for the really basic option and stuck a sticker on a paper bag.  This one is a bit worse for wear, but it looked OK.


 The goodies inside were cute!  I found some gummies in Angry Birds shape.  Easter was great timing and there were ‘explosive eggs’ and an egg set with ‘key rings’.  I also got some little bags of biscuits from The Warehouse, stickers from Trade Me and lastly I printed an angry bird picture to stick on a regular noisemaker.


So there were probably a couple of other things, but that’s most of it.
The kids had a blast and I had so much fun putting it all together.  Hope you get some ideas too!!

Angry Birds Party PART 2

Another ‘station’ we had at the party was a drawing table, this was just for a bit of down time if you didn’t want to do games, race around, or be attacked by balloons.  I printed some Angry Birds Pictures and left some crayons out, and away they went!  There was always quite a few children there.

My oldest, Master C ,6, decided he wanted to create a game too.  He did such a great job!  We got some old formula tins, covered them in coloured paper and then he stuck on some pictures that he had drawn, the kids then threw a ball to try and knock them down. So cute!!

Here he is taking down scores.

The last game was a pinata.  I went to have a look at pinatas, and for something that they smash to pieces I just didn’t want to pay that much.  So I set out to make my own!  The Warehouse has some big balloons, so I used papier mache and painted it as “Cook Pig” Which is what my son wanted.  The had such a blast smashing it up.  I did 3 layers, it broke a little with the first hit and then last through almost everyone having a go!

Here’s the birthday boy taking a swing (forgot to buy/create a stick – but hubby had some pvc pipe lying around that worked well.  Doesn’t hurt as much when you are hit with it either!)

I had better get onto the housework, but there is more Angry Birds to come  😉

Angry Birds Party PART 1

Master L wanted an Angry Birds birthday party.  As soon as the boys tell me a theme, my mind is away racing and I’m on Pinterest for inspiration.

I had so many ideas, but as usual – So many ideas, so little time.  So I had to dial it back a bit.
One thing I really wanted to do was a bean bag toss type game.  It was a bit rough, but it was lots of fun!
Another game that went down well was some green cups stacked up, that I attached printed piggies to.  I found a slingshot at The Warehouse for $5, and we used some little Angry Bird puppets to fling at them to try and knock the cups down.
 I didn’t get a very good pic of it unfortunately.  But here’s my Mum helping reset it…
one of the party goers setting it up too.
(Sorry about the blank circles, didn’t want to publish my friends children!)
Well my husband is demanding the laptop, so I will let him go on Trade Me, and I will be back with more of the party ideas soon.