Angry Birds Party PART 1

Master L wanted an Angry Birds birthday party.  As soon as the boys tell me a theme, my mind is away racing and I’m on Pinterest for inspiration.

I had so many ideas, but as usual – So many ideas, so little time.  So I had to dial it back a bit.
One thing I really wanted to do was a bean bag toss type game.  It was a bit rough, but it was lots of fun!
Another game that went down well was some green cups stacked up, that I attached printed piggies to.  I found a slingshot at The Warehouse for $5, and we used some little Angry Bird puppets to fling at them to try and knock the cups down.
 I didn’t get a very good pic of it unfortunately.  But here’s my Mum helping reset it…
one of the party goers setting it up too.
(Sorry about the blank circles, didn’t want to publish my friends children!)
Well my husband is demanding the laptop, so I will let him go on Trade Me, and I will be back with more of the party ideas soon.

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