Angry Birds Party PART 2

Another ‘station’ we had at the party was a drawing table, this was just for a bit of down time if you didn’t want to do games, race around, or be attacked by balloons.  I printed some Angry Birds Pictures and left some crayons out, and away they went!  There was always quite a few children there.

My oldest, Master C ,6, decided he wanted to create a game too.  He did such a great job!  We got some old formula tins, covered them in coloured paper and then he stuck on some pictures that he had drawn, the kids then threw a ball to try and knock them down. So cute!!

Here he is taking down scores.

The last game was a pinata.  I went to have a look at pinatas, and for something that they smash to pieces I just didn’t want to pay that much.  So I set out to make my own!  The Warehouse has some big balloons, so I used papier mache and painted it as “Cook Pig” Which is what my son wanted.  The had such a blast smashing it up.  I did 3 layers, it broke a little with the first hit and then last through almost everyone having a go!

Here’s the birthday boy taking a swing (forgot to buy/create a stick – but hubby had some pvc pipe lying around that worked well.  Doesn’t hurt as much when you are hit with it either!)

I had better get onto the housework, but there is more Angry Birds to come  😉


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