Angry Birds Party PART 3

There’s not much left from the party to add actually.  I kept the decorations really simple because the games acted as decorations too.  We hung some little angry bird pictures on curly ribbon in the doorway like a curtain and I stuck some bunting to the table. Oh and the kids coloured in a bunch of pictures and stuck them around the room.


So this was the table.  Simple but cute.  I bought the plates and napkins on sale at Spotlight and just printed the bunting.  There’s some awesome sites which can be found in my pinterest party board.

My favourite part is making the cake.  I’m not the best cake decorator, but I love doing it and I think my kids see that and love the effort that I put in.  This was inspired by a fondant cake I saw, but I prefer working with buttercream.  So I did a mix. 


And lastly – the party bags.  I ordered some cute pencil cases online, but they didn’t arrive in time.  I was so gutted.  So I went for the really basic option and stuck a sticker on a paper bag.  This one is a bit worse for wear, but it looked OK.


 The goodies inside were cute!  I found some gummies in Angry Birds shape.  Easter was great timing and there were ‘explosive eggs’ and an egg set with ‘key rings’.  I also got some little bags of biscuits from The Warehouse, stickers from Trade Me and lastly I printed an angry bird picture to stick on a regular noisemaker.


So there were probably a couple of other things, but that’s most of it.
The kids had a blast and I had so much fun putting it all together.  Hope you get some ideas too!!


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